Launch of Crowdfunding Campaign

Mad River Valley TV Launches Crowdfunding Campaign

1/15/18 – For Immediate Release:

There is a palpable excitement at Mad River Valley Television these days. The station has made some meaningful changes in the last year, including hiring a new Executive Director and welcoming new Board members, but the changes go beyond new faces. MRVTV has new programs and original content being produced in house, the addition of the Bridge St webcam, and a new dynamic presence online with our YouTube channel, to name a few examples of how our public access TV station is reinventing itself to stay relevant and accessible to the community.

There is one objective which MRVTV is tackling head on and is looking to the community for support: the need to upgrade the station to High Definition, or HD.

What is HD, and why is it important?

Most cable television viewers already get HD programming, including those in the Mad River Valley. When you are accustomed to the better picture quality, especially if you have a larger screen, SD looks almost blurry. “MRVTV still broadcasts in Standard Definition (SD),” explains Keith Berkelhamer, Executive Director of the station, “What was once standard, however, is now becoming outdated. By upgrading production and broadcasting equipment to High Definition (HD) we are not only investing in the future of the station, but also taking a leadership role for public access stations across the country to do the same. We want to be the pioneers of public access.”

“The improved picture quality and production value will certainly attract more viewers, but just as important, we hope it will attract more content creators and contributors,” says MRVTV Board Member, Elizabeth Levey. “This is at the heart of the upgrade – to invest in modern equipment – so our community can share more stories and opinions, be better informed, and engage more fully in community events and decisions.”

Donations both small and large are welcome and can be made by visiting Canteen Creemee, Vermont Yak Company and The Phineas Gage Project are sponsoring the fundraiser and are contributing gifts for certain donation levels.

Contact: Keith Berkelhamer