Stream Your Event Live

MRVTV has the ability to stream an event live in high definition (HD) to any YouTube Channel or Facebook page administered by a business, organization or individual. MRVTV will provide one HD video camera and the necessary hardware and software needed for live streaming an event. MRVTV will also provide a laptop to monitor and manage the stream.  The client is encouraged to use their own computer or laptop to moderate comments made during the live stream broadcast. Additionally, the client will have to provide MRVTV temporary access to its YouTube Channel or Facebook page during the event.

The client must have an ethernet connection MRVTV can plug in to located within 100 feet of the live event and have a minimum internet upload speed of 20 Mbps. A direct ethernet connection is preferred but WiFi can also be used as long as it meets the minimum upload speed requirement. A speed test can be performed by visiting this site:

MRVTV can overlay any logo or graphic on top of the live stream (the graphic must be a .jpg, .png or .bmp file). MRVTV reserves the right to have its logo in the bottom left hand corner of the stream (the client logo will be placed in the lower right hand corner of the stream). If both parties agree, MRVTV would make a taped copy of the live stream available on MRVTV’s YouTube Channel and also broadcast it on TV.

The fee for the service is $85/per hour, which includes the event plus setup time.