Document Your Event

MRVTV can provide a camera for free to individuals or organizations who would like to document an event. Free training is required and the event must be suitable for broadcast on MRVTV. If you don’t have anyone to operate the camera or would like MRVTV to shoot the event then MRVTV can provide a camera operator for $60.00 (first 2 hours) and $20 per hour for each additional hour. MRVTV can also provide editing services for a fee.

MRVTV will provide:

    • 1 camera operator with a HD camera and audio equipment.
    • 2 DVDs of the event in standard-definition (SD). For a high-definition (HD) copy of the event, a flash drive can be purchased for an extra $12.
    • 1 digital file which can be broadcast by MRVTV to its TV station, YouTube channel or directly to another YouTube channel or other online video service, where the video can be shared with anyone, anywhere around the world who has access to the internet.

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