Produce a Show

MRVTV Contribute Content

MRVTV’s mission is to provide persons living within the Waitsfield Cable veiwing area access to the airwaves and our online platforms by becoming active MRVTV Volunteer Producers.

MRVTV will train you….. no previous experience is needed! Let us show you how to use the cameras, audio equipment and even begin showing you the basics of non-liner editing (iMovie or Final Cut Express).

Produce shows that are meaningful to you…

  • Interests or Hobbies
  • School Events or School Board meetings
  • Town Functions or Board Meetings
  • LibraryTalks or Lecture Series

What’s your idea? The MRVTV Studio is now availiable for in-house productions so lets get started today! Please read our Producer’s Handbook and then fill out the Producers Agreement form. If you have any questions call 802-583-4488 Ext. 2 or contact us using this form.